Thijs Cobben - Data Alchemist

Forging Gold from Data: Data Craftsmanship at your service!

Thijs Cobben (1971) is a goal driven and hands-on data engineer with extensive industry knowledge and leadership experience. Track record in delivering high-value solutions for clients and in helping start-up and scaling companies to achieve technology goals.

With extensive experience in leading technical teams and a deep understanding of the latest technology trends, Thijs is equipped to provide the strategic direction and technical expertise needed to drive growth and innovation. He is a creative problem solver who is not afraid to think outside the box and find new solutions to the seemingly hard challenges offered by todays’ overwhelming data architecture landscape. He has used his talent in a demonstrable way, creating efficient, scalable systems that handle large amounts of data, helping his clients be more succesful.

Thijs is by nature a strong communicator, able to translate abstract technical concepts into clear and concrete language and diagrams that are easily understood by both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Besides, or foremost, this all, Thijs is the father of 2 teenagers, spends his leisure time running, on the yoga mat, reading, writing, skiing, hiking, borrelend with the neighbours but mostly working on his boat when not sailing her.